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Bandcamp is a streaming and sales platform that puts artists first. This means that a very high percentage of the profits go directly into our pocket. Visit our profiles, discover the music and buy your favorite song or album. You can pay the suggested price, or anything above it!


What to do with your downloaded music? You can turn it into a ringtone, listen to it without interruption or sample it if you are a dj. Ultimately, you can be happy to recognize the work of a professional musician.


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Pioneers, geniuses, legends! They gave mankind the champeta in 1984, when the maestro Ane Swing came up with the idea of fusing the traditional music of San Basilio de Palenque with the soukous from Africa that was overflowing in all the picós of Cartagena. His latest single, "El Ñeke" is a tribute to the spirit of Palenque, with the flavor of Ane Swing, Louis Towers and Charles King.

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Job Saas is the mystical breath of the island of San Andrés, in the Caribbean Sea, where the Creole culture resulted from the fight of slaves for survival and freedom. His latest album is called Natty Rude and a distinctive and organic sound is heard on it. Job Saas & Heartbeat is inspired by its members' experiences with agriculture and nature. Finds its strength in faith in the creator of life and delivery heart and soul of their ethnicity, culture Raizal, and its ancestral territory. Blessed Love from Saas Job, the farmer Singer!

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Camilo Colmenares is a dramatic actor and musician of undeniable height. Inventor also of theatrical Pop, a genre entitled to its own name that has influences from the language of modern musical theater, gospel choirs, pop and rock and that expresses ideas and feelings related to respect for sexual diversity and human rights. Get to know the HIV prevention and self-care campaign on his YouTube channel.

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