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The creators of that catchy music that has the power to make everybody dance, the living spirit of the caribbean coast: The Kings of Champeta. Listen to their latest realease, "El Ñeke", on all platforms.


Louis Towers “El Rasta”: Literally, the giant of Champeta, has sung to people of many nationalities, in countries such as Belgium, France, Holland, Mexico Venezuela and the Unites States. He’s an art bachelor from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Cartagena de Indias, who besides being an active and proliferous painter is a legend of champeta music. His song "El Liso en Olaya" is regarded by many as one of Cartagena's popular anthems.


Viviano Torres “Ane Swing” is the gem of Cartagena. "Millonario", "La Vuelta" or "Cabeza Hueca" are some of his hit songs from the nineties. One of the most respected musicians on the caribbean coast. He uses his music as a tool to connect with his land ‘Palenque’ and his african roots. Ane Swing, that means 'with rich flavour', is known for creating the first Champeta band in history. This legac is still active, he’s still a crucial piece of contemporary colombian folk music, and his repertoire is often included in repertoires ranging from World Music to Electronica.


Charles King: The king of rhythm, Champeta’s shining star. His influence in Colombian music and culture is undoubted. His music has made a huge impact in a great number of generations and songs like "El Chocho", the lyrics of which are safely kept in the audience's hearts, are already considered classics. ‘El Palenquero Fino’, as he’s referred to, has written and recorded more than 300 songs that are heard all around the globe.

Los Reyes de la Champeta
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