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JOB SAAS & THE HEARTBEAT is the mystic soul of San Andrés, a caribbean island colonized by british puritans in which the fight for slave freedom became the bedrock of a rich creole culture. Job Saas is known as the frontman vocalist and founder of The Rebels, one of the most iconic bands of San Andrés Island. The group’s last album, Natty Rude, carries the distinctive yet organic sound that characterizes Job Saas & The Heartbeat, and integrates a bagful of caribbean and jamican rhythms capable of enriching the world with their culture. 

Job Saas & The Heartbeat has performed in events such as the Sun Set Fest Providence 2013, Minec 2014, Cartagena Music Festival 2015, Rock al Parque Bogotá 2016, Alta Voz Medellín 2017, Media Torta (Reggae Month) 2017, Teatro Jorge Eliecer Gaitán and the Green Moon Fest 2018. 


Job Saas & the HB is inspired by the adventurous walks of life of the band members and their interactions with nature and agriculture. The spiritual force behind this project comes from the faith in God and the strong devotion to their heritage, their culture and their land. 


Reggae talks about love, revolution, poverty, freedom, poetry and pain because it feels the need to tell the story of its people. This music undoubtedly defines a culture and represents the unity of mankind. 



Blessed Love from JOB SAAS, the farmer Singer!

Job Saas & The Heart Beat

Job Saas & The Heart Beat

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